Over 7 years ago I started my blog “Sweet life” on livejournal, it was mainly about cooking so I could share my favorite recipes with my friends. As the audience grew, from 20 people to thousands it turned into something bigger.

Sharing family recipes wasn't enough anymore so I started looking for something unique, forgotten, authentic, you name it! My husband and I spent lots of time travelling around England (where we used to live at that time) National Trust houses with their own kitchens and cooking traditions, pubs, food fairs, small delicatessen shops, Michelin star restaurants, small country hotels. I was creating my own collection of ‘jewels”.

But with the time even that became not enough, people who were reading my blog and interacting with me on a daily basis wanted to know where my dresses, shoes and bags from, asking my opinion about make ups, perfumes, fashion, houses, hobbies, which books I'm reading and how I spend my free time.

After moving countries my blog was put on hold and since livejournal became technically challenging I decided to give my old passion a new life and a new home. Here I will share all the new things I've discovered about food and flavors, beauty treatments and which shoes to wear, things that I've learned and continue learning and you will finally find out “where is that dress from”!